he first time I ever saw a Cane Corso I was in love! In my opinion there is no better breed than a Cane Corso. As a dog trainer I have trained just about every breed of dog, no breed in my opinion is as great as a Cane Corso. They are fiercely loyal, very intelligent and can match any athletic ability you require from them.

I purchased my first Cane Corso 18 years ago. I was in love with Cerberus from the first hour I had him. From day one he never left my side. I took my job very seriously of raising the most well balanced Corso. I took Cerberus to dog training school with me, we both did very well together . While at school, Cerberus was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at 10 months old, this broke my heart. My plans to do bite work and competitive obedience was no longer an option.

Just when I was coming to reality of having my best friend Cerberus have Hip Dysplasia, he was diagnosed 2 months later with cataracts in both eyes. The doctors told me that he would be fully blind by two years old. This news crushed me. I spent thousands of dollars trying to find the best thing to make Cerberus comfortable with his health issues. After a strict diet and exercise plan Cerberus lived a long happy life to the age of 10.

My second Corso which was my replacement for Cerberus was a blue female named Skylla. I got Skylla at 7 weeks old and I immediately took her to the vet to get a check up. The vet told me she had a weak immune system, most likely from breeding generations of recessive/dilute genes. My veterinarian told me to take her back to the breeder because most likely I would see issues in the future. I should have listened to my veterinarian but I saw something in Skylla I couldn’t pass up.

Skylla was the most amazing dog in the world. I trained Skylla in personal protection and obedience. Skylla went to just about every dog training lesson with me. Skylla struggled with stomach issues periodically throughout her life and was diagnosed with spindle cell cancer at 5 years old. After a painful 6 month fight she lost her battle with cancer. Skylla was my sidekick and the most incredible dog in the world. I miss both Cerberus and Skylla everyday that goes by.

Dealing with these issues with Cerberus and Skylla made me realize just how important it is to find a breeder who does the essential health testing needed to decrease the odds of this happening to anyone else. Breeding for color can cause issues in any breed of dog. All of our breeding stock has had all the necessary health tests to help ensure that you will get a Cane Corso that will live a full healthy life. All of our puppies are sold with a two year health guarantee.

First and foremost at Olympian Cane Corso we breed for temperament, and health. We strive to breed great Cane Corso that are amazing family dogs while still maintaining working capabilities.


lympian Cane Corso is small hobby breeder only having a couple litters a year. We are located in Sandy, Utah. Breeding Cane Corso is not a job. Tonya trains dogs full time using my skills as a dog trainer to train and compete with all her personal Cane Corso. All our Cane Corso live inside the house with us. All puppies are raised inside and are heavily socialized and desensitized to sounds, people, places and objects preparing each puppy to be good ambassadors of the breed.

The Cane Corso is not for everyone. We highly encourage every person thinking about purchasing a Cane Corso do to their research. The Cane Corso Association of America is a wonderful place to start learning about this magnificent breed. www.canecorso.org