Frequently Asked Questions


1.When can I send you a Deposit?

We take deposits for a litter once we confirm pregnancy. Once we confirm pregnancy we will post the litter on our website, Instagram Page- Utah Cane Corso and Facebook page-Olympian Cane Corso.


2.How can I send a deposit/pay for my Cane Corso?

We accept cash, check, Venmo, or Paypal.


3.Can I pick my future puppy from the litter?

We let people pick what companion puppy they want in the order we receive the deposits. It is helpful for us to let us know what gender of the puppy you are wanting.


4.Can I put a deposit down for a specific color?

We do not sell puppies based on color preference. Here at Olympian, we do not breed litters to get specific colors. We breed for the health and temperament of the dog. If we have puppies of the color you are looking for we will keep that in mind for placement of that puppy.


5.Can I pay more of a deposit to get pick puppy?

No. We want to be fair to everyone. Puppies are chosen in the order we received the deposit not the amount of the deposit.


6.How much is a deposit?

The deposit to hold your place for a puppy is $500.00.

People choose from puppies in the order we received the deposit.


7.If I decide to not go with a puppy from the current litter, does my deposit transfer to future litters?

Yes, as long as we are breeding Cane Corsi you can transfer your deposit to a future litter.


8.Are the parent’s health tested?

Yes, we post all the health results on each individual breeding dog page.


9.Can we come and meet your dogs?

Yes, we would love to have you come and meet our dogs. If you are serious about buying a dog from us we have 5+ Cane Corsi to come and meet and make sure it’s the right breed for you.


10.When can I meet the litter/my puppy?

Because the puppies are so susceptible to parvo before vaccination we let you come and meet the puppies after they get their first vaccinations at 6 weeks. We do post weekly pictures of the litter and individual puppies.


11.If I pay more can I get breeding rights?

Breeding rights are based on the quality and potential of each puppy, not paying more for papers. Each puppy comes AKC registered as a companion.


12.What is a companion quality puppy?

Companion is a puppy that is AKC registered but is not determined at 8 weeks to be a breed quality puppy. The companion puppy will be full, 100%, temperament, and looks of the breed but have limited registration.